A comprehensive program to recover for opioid addiction

Addiction is not a weakness.......its a disease


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Medication Assisted Treatment is a low cost option when compared to the high cost of continued illegal drug use, inpatient or residential treatment, or the high relapse rates associated with programs that do not work for the individual.

One of the strong advantages of Medication-Assisted Treatment is that the individual learns to recover and heal without the requirement to leave work, family or social obligations. The added benefit of participating in treatment while continuing regular life activities is that the patient learns to work within their current environment, addressing changes that need to occur within their present circumstances. By contrast, patients that are removed from their environment for treatment must still learn how to cope and properly respond to stimuli associated with past behavior.


There are many benefits to counseling and it is key to achieving long lasting success. Counseling helps patients understand the nature of addiction as a disease, the effects of the disease on the brain and their behaviors. Through counseling, individuals explore why they became addicted, what triggers are associated with addiction and ways to develop long lasting plans that will make improvements across all areas of their lives.

Counselors help patients learn how to better cope with stress, handle setbacks and loss and find new ways of making progress. Patients who invest time in counseling reap great benefits. Similar to exercise in combination with diet delivers the best results for weight loss, patients see better results for long term success when they dedicate the appropriate amount of time to counseling in addition to medication-assisted treatment.


Addiction is a lonely disease – active substance abusers often feel lonely and cut off from others, especially from loved ones who may not share their illness. This loneliness perpetuates the cycle, because the substance abuser will often self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of loneliness, which in turn only serves to isolate them even more.

In a group therapy setting, participants find out that they are not alone. They learn – often to their surprise – that there are others who understand their struggles because they share them.

The discovery of these common bonds often serves as a basis for ongoing supportive mutual relationships that each person can draw upon for strength and inspiration when they feel overwhelmed or tempted to resume drug use.

Healthy Lifestyle Classes

Access To Narcotics Anonymous Meetings and Sponsors

The fellowship and peer support of others struggling and succeeding through similar addictions recovery can lend support and inspiration; and through the guidance of a Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, the teachings of Narcotics Anonymous in drug treatment can be more easily and comprehensively integrated into a personal recovery plan.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings may start in drug treatment programs as a part of a more complete programming, but since the philosophy of Narcotics Anonymous is that addiction is a disease for life, the support of the group is recommended for a long period of aftercare. The longer and more intensive the aftercare, the better the eventual prognosis of recovery; and using Narcotics Anonymous both in drug treatment and throughout the initial months and years of released sobriety greatly betters the odds of continuing success and relapse avoidance.